MOTA were:

Andy Roid // Synthesizers, textures, sound manipulation & general sonic stuff

Andy Burrows // Guitars, hurdy-gurdy, odd things with strings

Andy Shackleton // Visual alchemy

The Goose of Perception // Muse, inspiration, vibes

Formed in an instant in a club in deepest Somerset early in 2016, Andy R & Andy B bonded over a mutual love of floaty sound exploration. Once Andy B had donned his gliss-boots, their destiny was sealed… Then, along came Andy S, with his visual interpretation of the sounds being created & MOTA was born/hatched/created….

A chance meeting with a ceramic goose (the Goose of Perception) that had taken residence in Andy B’s garden provided further inspiration & led to further sonic exploration…

ALL HAIL THE GOOSE!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))